the pitching paradigm


The expectations for performance in baseball are rising rapidly every year and judging by the alarming rate of arm injuries it appears the the baseball community is not doing enough to work towards preventing this.


We're unfortunately starting to see elbow injuries in younger age groups.

These are the number of UCL surgeries done on youth and high school players at the Andrews Institute (Source:

What's leading to all of these injuries?

There are multiple reasons that can lead to an injury, but the most common reasons we see are:

  • Repetitive overuse

  • Poor throwing mechanics

  • Lack of physical preparation

"Is there a way to prevent this from happening?"

We would like to believe that there are certain measures to greatly reduce your risk of injury whether that be improving mechanics, appropriate strength training, and/or limiting the load on the arm.  We believe that in the right movement stereotype a pitcher can have a much more broad 

The Gestalt Difference

In this section discuss what makes us different.  Mention the specialized training techniques as well as therapy and rehab.  Mention about building better athletes through the discovery of functional movement solutions.