Join us as we transform the future of baseball

Gestalt Performance has set out to revolutionize the pitching paradigm by changing the industry's mindset on rehab and performance.

By combining principles of biomechanics and neuromuscular stabilization, we are able to enhance performance and reduce injury in athletes.

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Elbow injuries are on a rapid RISE in baseball

These are the number of UCL surgeries done on youth and high school players at the Andrews Institute (Source:

Don't let your arm health be a guess
Shoulder injury rehabiliation for rotator cuff, labral tears, slap lesion, shoulder impingemen, and tendonitis in the overhead thrower

Arm Care

Our rehabilitation process is focused on changing function and stabilizing the body to improve movement and reduce the chance of re-injury


Remote Training

We have the ability to offer training programs that are both physician and strength coach guided

High speed video takes out all of the gu

Performance Consulting

We use the latest technology to analyze variables that improve performance and the athletes longevity

We partner with multiple organizations in the St. Louis region to better the health and performance of their athletes