Injury Rehab

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Hurt and trying to get back on the field? 


Our rehab process focuses on

  • Managing the injury through the healing process

  • Improving mobility, stability, and function

  • Enhancing overall performance

Not only do we focus on getting you back to a pain-free lifestyle, but we also aim to improve overall function and have you better than before.


Injuries can be stressful and debilitating, potentially setting your playing career back. 


We would be honored to get the privilege of trusting us with your care!

Gestalt Performance works in conjunction with Winchester Spine & Sport.  All rehab and arm care is performed at our office in Troy, MO.


For an appointment, call (636) 356-5557 or check them out online at

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Remote training




We help baseball organizations by providing baseball specific movement assessments as well as training programs to reduce injury and improve performance