World Pitching Congress Digital Experience

The World Pitching Congress is a first of its kind event.  This event blends several disciplines from sports medicine, performance, strength training, pitching mechanics and skill acquisition. 


This event brings the brightest minds in each of these disciplines together to share their experience and knowledge.  

Now you can learn the skills of these experts!

You'll learn:

  • To build movement stability, improve mechanics, power transfer, and injury reduction using the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) approach

  • About the proper movement sequences in the pitching motion as well as compensations that athletes use to work around their inefficiencies

  • Fascial lines and rotational compensations which are used for throwing

  • How to assess and activate the hips to their fullest potential

  • How to train different levels of athletes (High school, College, Professional)

  • How to assess and train the shoulders

  • Skill acquisition and motor control techniques

  • The latest research on the Tommy John surgery and potentially better ways to treat UCL tears

  • How to better diagnose UCL tears

  • Different techniques to use on the shoulder

  • How Major League teams are approaching rehab and performance at the highest level

  • And much more!

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You'll learn from:

  • Ken Crenshaw - Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Ben Hagar - Arizona Diamondbacks

  • PJ Mainville - Chicago Cubs

  • Brett Winchester - DNS

  • George Paletta - St. Louis Cardinals

  • Brandon McDaniel - Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Sean Drake - OnBaseU

  • Zach Dechant - Texas Christian University

  • Eugene Bleecker - 108 Performance

  • Tyler Yearby - Emergence

  • Ross Maddox - Radiologist

  • Tyler White - Gestalt Performance